Powder coating

The powder coating is a process of applying a protective layer to parts made from ferrous and non-ferrous metals. The coating possesses protective and decorative functions. As characteristics the powder coated layer offers substantial advantages in comparison to other conventional painting systems. 

The powder coating process and the powder coating paints have the following distinctive characteristics:

  • Very good impact resistance
  • High resistance to chemicals
  • Different decorative and structural effects of the paint
  • Large choice of accessible colors

The process itself provides several advantages. The powder coating layer can be applied evenly to the surface of the part without the threat of unwanted defects occurring. The protective layer can reach even the most enclosed spaces of any given part. The paints are much more eco-friendly and safe to use and have a higher ECE (energy conversion efficiency).

To reach the best quality that can be achieved the process has to follow these very important steps:

1-st Preliminary preparation of the raw material.

2-nd Degreasing

3-rd Iron Phosphating

4-th Powder coating

5-th Curing

6-th Quality control