About us

Moni Colors Ltd. is located in Plovdiv. We have more than 20 years of extensive experience in the powder coating business. It is a family business and craft has embedded itself in our work.  We strive to meet the challenges in our work and the results to exceed our expectations.

We have substantial experience working with different clients who have developed themselves in different businesses. The coatings we apply have a protective and a decorative function – powder coatings, primers and varnishes. The parts to which we apply the desired coatings are meant for the automotive, engineering, military, furniture and construction industry. We have specialized in serial or mass production, but we also have excellent results in individual parts with specific requirements.

Our partners and clients are from all around the world. This collaboration and partnership has helped us to create the elevated level of service, understanding and approach. We have learnt to be flexible, adjustable and qualified to resolve production problems of all kind. Our production equipment is new and modern and is manufactured by leading producers in the field. The powder coating line has enormous capacity and flexible production capabilities. We have various instruments with which to carry out and do measurements of the production process and quality of the final product.

The firm is certified under ISO 9001 and we have and incorporated ERP software system for adequate resource management and planning.Our leading principle of work is quality in every separate step of the production process, and as a result – high quality of the final product.

High quality is our standard.

We hope that we could be of use. You are welcome!