Powder coatings

Choosing the right powder coating paint will determine the quality of the coating and it’s chemical and physical properties.

The coatings we use in our production process are QUALICOAT and GSB certified.


Epoxy coatings:

These types of coats have excellent hardness, chip resistance and very good anti-corrosion protection, but are applied on parts that are not exposed to outdoor atmospheric conditions. This type of coating offers little protection against UV- lights which makes this kind of coatings inappropriate for external use. When such a coating is continuously exposed to sunlight the color will eventually fade.
Powder coatings which are based on epoxy resins are mainly applied in industrial equipment, automotive parts and metal components.

Polyester coatings:

These types of coats are resistant to UV-lights  and are the widest range of paints used for external use. Powder coatings which are based on polyester resins are mainly applied in garden equipment, machines and furniture and outdoor lighting systems.

Epoxy-polyester coatings:

These hybrid coats represent a combination between epoxy and polyester resins, combining their advantages and disadvantages. The coat is less susceptible to yellowing when cured and exhibits similar properties to standard epoxy coatings.

Special coatings

Other powder coatings can be produced using different types of resins. These coats are not standard and offer different characteristics and have versatile properties.

Such coats are:  acrylic coatings, fluoropolymer coatings and polyurethane coatings.

Zinc primers  Organic and inorganic zinc primers can be applied to the part surface before the application of the final powder coating. If a primer is applied a superior quality can be achieved with a much higher corrosion resistance.

Transparent polyester lacquers  There is a variety of transparent lacquers available on the market. This lacquer can be applied as a second layer over any previous powder coatings. When done it adds decorative effects and an additional UV protection.



We work with different producers and suppliers of powder coatings. As always we strive to find the right solution for every client. Here are some of the companies we work with: