Technology and equipment

Chemical degreasing

Technology is accomplished through immersion in specially constructed steel baths. Alkaline chemical degreaser with low PH values. This chemical is used to assure a strong cleaning effect for iron, zamak, aluminium and brass. Dissolves industrial grease and removes completely any external pollutants from the surface of the part.

Iron phosphating

We have at our disposal a facility for iron phosphating and degreasing. The chemical is based on acid phosphates for degreasing of non-ferrous and ferrous metals. The solution guarantees adequate treatment of the surface of the parts. The jet dispersion of the chemical induces a chemical reaction and the accumulation of insoluble crystalline phosphates to the surface of the part. These crystals provide the good adhesion of any organic material attached to the surface of the part and gives an overall higher corrosion protection.

Powder coating

After the preliminary preparation has been complete the next step is powder coating. Powder is applied to the surface of the part via a generated electric current. It is extremely important for a good end product to have high quality equipment, skilled operator and the ability to measure and control working parameters and environment.

The powder coating booths and equipment are produced by GEMA – Switzerland.


Next step is heat treatment. During this step, a process of polymerization begins. Powder particles melt and new bonds are created to form new and stronger polymer chains. This process is called cross-linking and is the reason for the strength and qualities of the powder coatings.


We have two curing ovens with unique size to allow the heat treatment of parts with different shapes and size.

6,50 m. / 2,10 m. / 1,40 m.
5,00 m. / 2,10 m. / 1,40 m.


Equipment for quality measurement, settings and overall quality of process and end product